Behind the curtains (or how I got the project). Part II: the interview.

Five months after submission (almost to the date) you get a communication through the participants portal. Subject: Initial information on the outcome of the evaluation of proposal submitted to the Call for proposal.... Heart stops for five millisecond and then starts beating furiously for the time it takes you to open the portal, sign in, retrieve and download the pdf and wait for the document to show up on your screen. And then fortunately it just takes a glance to see the words you are hoping for: 'I am pleased to'. You don't really need anything else. You passed the first stage and you get to go to the interview! The letter gives you some basic info, including a bracket of time when you

Behind the curtains (or how I got the project). Part I: the application.

I like the idea of starting the NEWS section of RAINDROPS' s webpage with something that it is not technically a new story. But I believe every story has a prequel and this is the story of how I got this ERC Starting Grant. I had briefly considered applying to the 2016 call (the one previous to that which got me the project) and desisted almost immediately as I had no time to fully develop an idea that would have take me down a path that was quite tangential to my actual research. To be totally honest with you I still think that was a great idea and I might pursue it in the future (but that's behind the point here). To make a long story short, I had to apply to the 2017. I guess many of the

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